meditation for wellness

Providing secular teachings & meditation services for wellness, designed to serve all races, cultures, gender identities, religions, non-religions and communities of people.

Rachel Wixey Meditation Services

starting meditation

The two main things I hear about getting started with meditation are – “I believe meditation can be beneficial, I just don’t know where to begin”, and– “I’ve tried to meditate, but it doesn’t “work” for me.”  

My work, in part, is to offer a practical answer to people looking for a way to begin, by taking this work into schools, businesses, the Center and other communities.

it’s a practice

Learning the benefits of meditation, and beginning to experience the effects of a regular practice is a giant step in self-care. And, plan to do the work! Deciding to adopt a mediation practice is a decision to intentionally influence your own health and well-being. However, this is not something you can simply read about to learn, or try once or twice and call it done. Like anything else we care about – fitness, nutrition, healthy habits in general, the true benefits come from a regular practice. This work guides you to successfully establishing your own personal practice, when you decide the time is right for you.