hello friends

it's nice
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My meditation practice has brought me to understand and experience that we are incredibly resourced for wellness. After spending 20 years in the business industry working for schools, I now devote myself to the wellness industry, facilitating meditation for mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. I truly believe we are built for wellness and intended for joy. 

my approach

simple practices, practical techniques

Meditation for wellness is very practical, because it is one of the most natural things we can do to cultivate our own well-being.  My approach is simple; we learn through cognition and intellectual understanding, through the experience of meditation practices, and repetition of key concepts and practices, so what we’re learning begins to land in the body as knowledge.

the cornerstones

non-judgement, safety, inclusivity

Embodiment, nonjudgement, safety and inclusivity are the cornerstones of this work.

My commitment to all who join for these teachings is to be embodied in my own practice.  We cannot teach what we don’t know, and a daily practice is a must in bringing forward these practices with integrity.

A daily practice and embodiment of the experiences meditation takes me to has organically fostered nonjudgement and the importance of safety and inclusivity. 

I join without agenda or preconceived ideas of what “should be”, for those who join and anyone else. 

I know first-hand and science confirms that we cannot learn, expand, grow or be creative without psychological safety.

Meditation takes us naturally into the work of exploring our own unconscious bias(es), and recognizing more clearly the barriers that exist in our own mind when it comes to equity and inclusion.  We are never done learning here and meditation practice allows us to grow here in a meaningful way.


training & service

The formal training I am most proud of is Mindful Schools Teacher Certification, which has prepared me to teach mindfulness curriculum to K-12 Youth. I am also certified through Mindful Leader as Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator, and am a trained Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), bringing trauma-informed sensitivity to my work. 

My love for writing led me to earn an undergraduate degree in English/Writing from the University of Toledo.  Presently I am actively serving as an Advisor for the Women in Leadership Program at Ashland University, a Member of the Board of Directors for Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School and Academy, a Member of the Business Advisory Counsel for Anthony Wayne Local Schools, and a Member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA).