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You know you are living with joy and intention, when past fears become meaningless against your greater purpose. If you would have told me in my youth I would speak by choice in front of large audiences, I would have told you have the wrong girl! Today, I feel so strong about meditation for wellness, that I find myself in all venues.  And, my own meditation practice allows me to have comfort in the body, ease in the mind and ton of fun when I am!!

I love bringing this work forward at conferences, seminars and community events. I am committed to not only sharing a relatable, inspirational message, but as important, leaving audience members with practical techniques for their own self-care tool belt. Participants are invited to look closely at how resourced we are to support our own wellness, and consider incorporating a daily practice to their lifestyle. Everyone leaves with something, whether it is a new intellectual understanding, a first-hand experience, or both!