my purpose

for wellness

I devote my time and work to teaching principles and practices that point to how incredibly resourced for wellness each of us are. My purpose in this work is simple– to bring the intellectual and experiential understanding of meditation for wellness forward in the world. I do this in schools with staff and students, in businesses for workplace wellness, through my private practice working one-on-one, in group meditation series, in keynote presentations and for community events.


who we serve

For many reasons, there is a growing number of people open and willing to explore meditation practices for wellness.  I’m honored to serve in a variety of environments including schools with staff and youth, businesses for workplace wellness, cultural development and advancing leadership, my Center for group and private work, and community and other events as guest presenter. I love every area I land in this work, and ask only for an open mind and sincere engagement when we join.



After more than 20 years of working in an industry that serves K-12 schools and higher education, I have had a great deal of exposure to the day to day stress involved for Teachers, Staff and Administrators.  It’s a privilege working with adults who connect every day with our youth. This includes people in K-12 public and private schools, Career Centers, Educational Service Centers and colleges and universities. The groups joining for this training and these practices include Administration, Staff, Students, Athletic teams and more.


Today there is much more awareness in business that employee wellness is a meaningful focus in successful organizations.  We cannot grow, be creative or express our unique talents without feeling psychological safety, some degree of ease, and having a general sense of wellness, in the workplace and otherwise.  Inviting meditation to the culture of a business has profound effects, in so many areas.  

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Series, Leadership Development and private one-on-one work supports wellness initiatives in all types of businesses and groups.  I love working in private and public sector businesses, and with staff, management and C-level positions.



My work in the community is extremely important in not only building awareness of meditation as a practice for wellness, but also in providing these teachings outside of the settings of work, school and my Center.  Wellness priorities are growing everywhere, and meditation is finding its way to conferences, workshops, local non-profit initiatives and other events. I love connecting for keynotes and guest presenter opportunities as well as workshops and other wellness events.

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