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There are many different ways to explore meditation for wellness, and here we look to identify options to help you determine your path.  

Some enjoy joining in community, with the richness, care, support and connection that comes from a group setting. Know that when we join in group, we commit and adhere to sound practices and a set of agreements that support skillful gatherings with others.

Others know the work that is taking us here feels more intimate, specific and/or private than what we wish to do in a group.  Here we are able to focus on personal goals and actively pursue them with concepts and practices that support the improvement and change for your own circumstances.


Group Service Offerings

This 4-week series invites us to discover the effects of meditation on overall mental and physical health and well-being, learn to access the most sophisticated parts of our neuro-circuitry for emotion-regulation, and establish real-time techniques.

This 4-week series continues to hold meditation as an underpinning for optimal health in all areas; mental, physical and emotional.

Prerequisite: Intro to Meditation Series or an invested meditation practice

This unique offering, Meditation for Wellness, is making its way to schools, workplaces, professional development days and private groups, to provide practical, tangible ways to be and feel well, even through difficult and challenging times. 

We’ve experienced the benefits of practice. We know daily meditation supports us in countless ways. Our nervous system is so very thankful. AND – we sure could use some support to either engage, reengage, stay engaged or get some variety. If you relate, the next 25 days is for you!

Our weekend spiritual service is dedicated to exploring concepts and practices that transform us to be free from the suffering of judgement, anger and fear, and to realign with love – where our true peace is found. Each weekly talk will open with a short grounding practice, present principles of love and forgiveness, and close with a short, guided meditation. 

The Center serves as a gathering place for people exploring and pursuing growth in their wellness, in their own ways.  We are committed to topics related to holistic wellness and self-care, and welcome you to check back from time to time for upcoming events and Guest speakers. 

Private Service Offerings

Private sessions allow us to address specific goals related to your overall physical, mental, emotional, personal and professional well-being and joy. Our time together will support you one-on-one with actionable steps to begin addressing any areas you feel are not yet optimal. This includes single sessions or 3 month/6 month program options.

Want to learn meditation practices with your partner? Your child? Other important relationships? When practiced regularly and understood, the principles of mindfulness and the effects of meditation impact every relationship and area in our lives. Our greatest opportunity for growth is often through how we relate to ourselves and to others.

Ready for something new and meaningful to do with friends, family, or work? Secure a private booking for a holiday event, girls night out and other private workshops. Introduce meditation for wellness as a lifestyle and leave everyone with foundational knowledge and introductory practices to begin exploring meditation and new experiences together.