private service offerings

Personal Wellness Programs

So much of our mental, emotional and physical wellness relies upon a regulated nervous system, an understanding of the effects of stress on our physiology and the ability to combine understanding and experience for improved outcomes. This time is spent addressing the specific areas you wish to improve and how mindfulness meditation will support you.
When practiced regularly and understood, the principles of mindfulness and the effects of meditation impact every relationship and area in our lives.  Private sessions allow us to address specific goals related to your overall physical, mental, emotional, personal and professional well-being and joy.  We will also address how stress and stressors effect our nervous system and how to work directly with the most sophisticated neurocircuitry we have as humans to self-regulate and increase wellness, in every area of life.
Our greatest opportunity for growth, is often through how we relate to ourselves, and others. Our time together will support you one-on-one with actionable steps to begin addressing any areas you feel are not yet optimal. This work is not difficult; it’s simply different than what we’ve been taught.  It is a privilege to join you on your wellness path.