Little Willingness

Rachel Wixey

Rachel Wixey


Hear the full short audio on What’s Alive with me, and our community, as I discuss my little willingness to work the principles to support me through …. life. ❤

Something that’s feeling really alive for me right now, both personally and in my work…. when I say in my work, I mean my work in the Center, my work in the community, my work in schools and in different workplaces -is this willingness of people to actually show up and go, okay, that feels kind of big right now, but it’s worth it. I’m willing.
And we explore new concepts and we practice new techniques. We practice with new concepts. And it’s all very practical when we join and discuss and experience these things together. And when I say the willingness is alive with me personally…. I’ve been in this practice for well over a decade. I’m so grateful for it. But I’m still living the human experience and bumping into these things that can take me there. “There”, being dysregulated. The difference is I have the ability to notice how I’m relating to a situation so that I can pull a practice out right in the moment, do a short breath technique or a grounding practice and keep my emotion regulation intact and my decision making, my cognitive function, all those sophisticated things that we have as humans to work with. And I’m able to actually practice some of the principles that can support us as we go through hard things.
So I have, for example, two new puppies at home❤  They are sweet as can be. But if you want to check on the status of your relationship with your partner, bring one or two new babies in the house. And I just say that to share- as we parent these puppies together, we have old things that come up. And with a practice, I’m able to actually look at my stuff with a bit more ease. I’m a bit more willing. And neither one of us is perfect and we’re both doing our best. But before I had a meditation practice to support me through hard things, I would hook into his wrongness and my rightness or his guilt and my innocence. And I would beat that drum and sometimes it would last a day and sometimes it would last a week, and sometimes it would last a month and maybe longer. And now I’m able to actually regulate and look with more clarity at what my part is. If there’s something to be corrected on my end said or changed, I’m able to do that with some dignity and skill. And then if there’s something that needs said to Bruce, I’m able to do that too. And I can do it with love instead of anger, resentment, judgment and so on.

testing puppies

And so, these practices are not difficult. They’re just different. And I’m noticing my own willingness to do the work in a different way now as well. And almost every circle I join in or even in workplaces, that may not be circle, but we’re still talking the same concepts and same practices, I’m getting engagement and feedback of people saying, okay, it feels like that might be some work, but I’m willing.

And so just inviting you to consider your own little willingness right now. And if you’re practicing, I hope your practice is supporting you. And if you’re considering practice, I would encourage you to engage in some way in some type of practice meditation or mindfulness practice that can build your skills and the ability to self-regulate on purpose, and build and grow in your own self-awareness. And as I always say, offering you more comfort in the body and more ease in the mind, even as we do hard things.
Thank you for your time here and please visit our offerings page if you feel called to engage in this work.
I’m wishing you the best; take care.
Much love,

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