Meditation, Clarity & Worthiness

Rachel Wixey

Rachel Wixey



What’s alive for me right now is the quality of clarity, how much quality actually comes with being clear and that’s in so many ways, in so many places. 

And I was talking with somebody really near and dear in my life just about the clarity of sobriety and the value of that. And that it’s not just a matter of being clear when we’re not drinking or using or whatever, but it’s the full range of clarity that comes from that, because there’s a cycle to use. There’s a cycle to—if we talk about drinking, for example— it’s not just showing up when we’re actually drinking, but it’s in the foggy head the next day and then how the body feels throughout the day. And then is there an urge again come evening to soothe that and to start again? And then that whole cycle and just the different ways that clarity ends up feeling so good and so right and so connected.

We connect back to all of these truly natural intrinsic values and qualities that we have as humans to connect back to when we choose to. And I think no matter what, when we give up that clarity, we’re giving up really like the true strength that comes from connecting back to our inherent well. 

And from the standpoint of practice, then it’s the same thing. We don’t have to practice, but the clarity that comes from that practice. And it’s not just when we’re practicing that clarity comes, but again, we’re connecting back to those inherent resources that are constantly supporting us, constantly available to us. 

It’s a choice.

And when we’re able to dwell in that just a bit through our practice, we take that clarity then with us out in the world, and we’re more present to it than when we’re with other people, when we’re making decisions, when we’re having conversations, when we’re doing our work in the world, whatever that might look like, and just really kind of appreciating the fact that all of these are, number one, choices. 

Like, first and foremost, these are choices whether it’s going down the road of the things that might make us unclear (drinking, drugs, whatever) that’s a choice. 

I’m not saying don’t do it. I’m just saying that that sweetness that comes from clarity when your mind is clear and well. 

And the same thing for meditation, I mean, that’s a choice. I’m not saying you have to do it, but Whoa, what it offers us in our world when.. I think it also actually gets into that worthiness stuff. Because being clear about who we truly are, like all of a sudden in a very kind of natural and organic way, those false beliefs about ourselves that we’re not worthy begin to kind of breakdown because we’re spending so much time in our inherent wholeness that it becomes more integrated with how we think, how we act, how we feel.

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